Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Global Atheist Convention

The what?

The Global Atheist Convention. From March 12-14 I was in Melbourne to attend it. It even has its own web page here.

The most asked question: what did you do there?

Short answer: people (mostly atheists) from around Australian and the world listened to more than twenty people from different fields/disciplines –including philosophy, ethics, journalism, psychology, demographics, stand-up comedy, economics, education (to name a few) – talk about issues relating to atheism. Amongst the speakers were Australian broadcasters Philip Adams and Robyn Williams, and former fundamentalist Christian preacher turned atheist, Dan Barker; the ‘headline act’ was well-known atheist spokesperson, scientist and author of the controversial The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins.

Long answer: keep reading.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Festival hiatus

I've been way too busy to write anything other than reviews of late, but I am working on a post that covers everything I've been doing over the last few weeks of multi-festival insanity; if I can I'll finish it later in the week, but it's entirely possible I won't get much done on it because I'll be getting ready for the Global Atheist Conference that's on in Melbourne this coming weekend - which I'll also have to find the time to write about.

But for now you can read my reviews over on the ATG site - here's a quick link to read about what I've been seeing and what I've thought of it.