Sunday, March 27, 2011

Adelaide Fringe 2011 - Fringesanity Part 2

In an effort to actually get this blasted thing finished, I've not been as thorough as I probably should have, and for that I apologise.

Goering's Defence

I'd seen Ross Gurney-Randall's one-man show Goering's Defence back in 2008 when it was on in the Balfour's Bakery and enjoyed it; therefore, I was quite happy to be assigned the review.

It was almost as good the second time around, with the major difference being that this version's being in the Royalty Theatre – a much bigger space – meant that the intimacy the smaller space the room in the bakery provided was lost. But Gurney-Randall is an excellent performer, and the script – based on transcripts from Goering's trial – is very good.

Review here.


One of my co-workers is in this group, which falls loosely under the banner of Ukrainian folk/world music. They've played a few shows over the years, but I'd never managed to get to one until now.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Adelaide Fringe 2011 - final week plugs

It's the last week of the Fringe, and there are a lot of shows still on. Here is a list of those I think you really should go see, by category. All the shows have links to the FringeTix page where you can buy tickets.

Now that I've done most of the work for you, go see some shows!



Amazing show, given 5 stars (or the equivalent) in every review, including mine. Simply one of the best things I've ever seen, and should not be missed. If you live in Adelaide and I find you haven't gone to see this, expect me to become...unpleasant1.

At: Holden Street Theatres
Ticket info: here
My review here

1Okay, even more unpleasant than usual.

Phoenix Rising...DH Lawrence – Son & Lover

A show worth seeing simply for the wonderful performance by Paul Slack. His ability to play a wide range of characters is breathtaking, particularly the accents.
At: Higher Ground
Ticket info: here
My review here.