Saturday, June 11, 2016

Harry Potter studio tour

Today I would get to do what I'd been waiting for two years to do – visit the Warner Brothers Harry Potter tour at Leavesden studio. I had intended to go in 2014, but the blasted thing sold out before I bought a ticket. I wasn't making that mistake again; this time I bought my ticket months before I left Australia.

Getting up there was a bit of a journey; I walked to Euston train station, caught a train to Watford and then got on the shuttle bus that went to the studio, the outside of which looks like this.

Then it was time to line up for a while until we got to go in.

And then we were in. The tour is primarily bits of set and costumes and props and so forth from the actual films. Which is pretty awesome.

I wasn't quite prepared to be as moved by this as I was. The shock of Alan Rickman's passing is still fresh.

Butterbeer. It's like yellow creaming soda with a kind of butterscotch dairy foam. I quite liked it.

My attempts to photograph random bees continue.

The art department sketches and artwork were fascinating.

And the model Hogwarts was impressive too.

This made me choke up a bit. I looked; there are indeed names on every wand box.

Back in London now.

At the British Museum again. This is a huge statue of a horse.

I was walking through the park to get back to the hotel and - SQUIRREL!

I didn't see any last time I was in London; it wasn't until I got to York that I saw my first one.

That night for dinner I decided I'd try a London pub (something else I didn't do last time; not sure why) and ended up having the fish & chips – which of course turned out to not be very good. I don't really know why I think that's ever going to be different. But they did have beer, and so I had my first real ale since my last holiday.

And on the way back I saw this. It seemed very specific.

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