Sunday, June 19, 2016

Lots and Lots of Lochs

Explaining what I did on this day is quite simple: I drove from Inverness to Glasgow, through the loch region in western Scotland. Obviously the most famous is Loch Ness, followed (probably) by Loch Lomond, and I saw both of those. I didn't get any particularly good pictures of the latter, 'cause by then the weather had turned sour, and it's also by far the hardest one to actually get near in such a way that you can take decent pictures of it.

I also went to the base of the UK's highest peak, Ben Nevis. That also didn't turn out so great because of the weather, but I got some nice shots of the creek nearby. After that I drove out further west to a very pretty place called Oban; that, too, proved difficult to photograph 'cause it's a tiny town where you can't get a park near anything interesting.

Anyway, off we go.

This is around the base of Ben Nevis. I can't tell exactly where in the previous pictures that region began.

This is on the way to (or perhaps back from) Oban.

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