Wednesday, June 15, 2016

London to Edinburgh

Huh. A train journey that went completely to plan, with no fear or loathing. I made my way from the hotel in Bloomsbury to Kings Cross Station to catch my train to Edinburgh, and when it arrived in Edinburgh I got off and walked to the B&B I was staying at – Ramsay's, the same place I stayed in 2014; if you're looking to stay in Edinburgh, check them out – and, after having a bit of a chat to them, went wandering around.

Oh, one thing – while Virgin trains advertise free wi-fi on board, like every other train company in Europe. However, unlike every other train company in Europe, this train actually had wi-fi. So I got quite a bit of proper blog-writing (and formatting) done.

Anyway, pictures.

As all Harry Potter fans know, the 'real' platform 9¾ is at King's Cross station. They have people there to take photos, and house scarves to wear.

There were quite a few people lined up at one point.

I opted for the 'Ploughman's Lunch', a popular English dish. It's mostly cheese and pickles, with some salad, on bread. Quite tasty.

Now in Edinburgh. The weather came good about the same time we crossed what I think counts as the border. Coincidence?

These are from the top of Calton Hill, pretty much in the middle of Edinburgh.

It has this thing, the National Monument of Scotland. They started it but ran out of money.

Back down the hill.

Caught up with a friend from Adelaide, Sophie, and we had dinner at a pub called The Antiquary; I had a venison burger - because it's been a while since I've had venison. We then stuck around for the pub's quiz night (entered under the team name 'Thunder From Downunder') and managed to come second-last. Which wasn't too bad considering a) there were two of us, compared to most of the other teams of four or more; and b) a reasonable number of the questions being what you'd call 'local knowledge'.

We won a pair of rather nice highball glasses, which we agreed Sophie should keep 'cause I didn't really have room for them in my luggage.

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